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Money Transfer to UK - Best Exchange Rates

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What's The Best Way to Send Money to UK?

To send international money transfers to UK, you will need a foreign exchange broker for pounds transfer. Please see following live interbank exchange rates for UK money transfers:

Money Exchange Rates For Sending to UK:
Canada to UK 1 CAD = 0.62 GBP Money transfer to UK from Canada
USA to UK 1 USD = 0.823 GBP Money transfer to UK from USA
Australia to UK 1 AUD = 0.558 GBP Money transfer to UK from Australia
France to UK 1 EUR = 0.913 GBP Money transfer to UK from France
Italy to UK 1 EUR = 0.913 GBP Money transfer to UK from Italy
New Zealand to UK 1 NZD = 0.529 GBP Money transfer to UK from New Zealand
South Africa to UK 1 ZAR = 0.054 GBP Money transfer to UK from South Africa
Spain to UK 1 EUR = 0.913 GBP Money transfer to UK from Spain
Thailand to UK 1 THB = 0.027 GBP Money transfer to UK from Thailand
Turkey to UK 1 TRY = 0.147 GBP Money transfer to UK from Turkey
UAE to UK 1 AED = 0.224 GBP Money transfer to UK from UAE
Germany to UK 1 EUR = 0.913 GBP Money transfer to UK from Germany
India to UK 1 INR = 0.012 GBP Money transfer to UK from India

Please note: exchange rates above are those used between banks and not available for the average consumer! You have two options when looking to source the best way to transfer money into UK's currency of GBP. You can use a high street bank or a foreign exchange broker. When comparing services you'll need to check if there are any transaction fees, in addition to the GBP exchange rate being offered. By using a specialist currency broker, you'll often find the money transfer service is fee-free, and can have better than bank exchange rates. Forex brokers also offer benefits over the banks such as dedicated FX managers, the ability to lock in an exchange rate for your pounds and low margins.

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